About Us

About Technode

Technode is an electronic product design and Manufacturing company involved in development of Wireless products. We mostly work on GSM and Wi-Fi Based technology comprising different range of applications. Our product range includes, SMS Alert Devices, Remote Monitoring & Control Devices, Wireless Data Logger equipment’s, IOT Devices, Gateways etc. We are a team of passionate engineers who work continuously towards the development of new cutting-edge products for revolutionizing the process of digital transformation. Our products help you in,

  • Managing your assets
  • Controlling your Machines
  • Analyze your usage
  • Monitoring your sites

Our Wireless technology is built around a reliable hardware software stack, which helps you to digitize and automate your processes.

Our IP

  • Intelligent Hardware & Software stack
  • Lesser prone to failure
  • Maximum Up time
  • Cost Effective & reliable
  • Trustworthy support system

Why Technode Wireless Devices?

  • Wireless devices break distance limits to Monitor your assetss.
  • Monitoring assets gives you more insights about your spendings.
  • Complete automatic operation removes Manual errors.
  • Managing and auditing becomes easy when things are under surveillance.
  • Boost your business by getting to know smallest error which is happening.

About Technode Wireless Products

Our Wireless devices are similar like CCTV, using cameras you can keep surveillance on your surroundings. Similarly using our wireless products, you can keep surveillance on your assets like Energy Meter, Flow Meter or a PLC, you can always connect, capture and control any of your assets using Technode wireless devices. Most of our Devices are Embedded Systems designs with GSM and Wi-Fi Technology. Our products are designed with RTOS (Real Time Operating System), which helps to achieve complex time critical network tasks very easily. We have developed intelligent hardware Software stack which makes our devices reliable, cost effective and user friendly. Our Devices are suitable for different applications and use cases. Do let us know if you have any application in mind where you can use our products.

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