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About Technode

Technode is an electronic product design and Manufacturing company involved in development of Wireless products. We mostly work on GSM and Wi-Fi Based technology comprising different range of applications. Our product range includes, SMS Alert Devices, Remote Monitoring & Control Devices, Wireless Data Logger equipment’s, IOT Devices, Gateways etc. We are a team of passionate engineers who work continuously towards the development of new cutting-edge products for revolutionizing the process of digital transformation.

  • Managing your assets
  • Controlling your Machines
  • Analyze your usage
  • Monitoring your sites

Our Solutions


IOT Stack

We offer intelligent Hardware Software Stack for GSM & WiFi Devices which Make our Devices.

  • Lesser Prone to failure
  • Maximum Up Time
  • 24X7 Continuous Operation
  • Reliable & Cost effective

Flow Meter RMS

Flow Meter RMS Solutions has Follwing features, Which makes Monitoring your Ultrasonic Flow Meter easy.

  • Modbus RS485 Input
  • 4-20mA Analog Input
  • 4G + WiFi RMS
  • Actual Flow & Totalize Flow Monitoring

IOT Energy Monitoring

4G Enabled Energy Monitoring Helps you Monitor Absolutely any Multifunctional Energy Meter which has RS485 port.

  • 4G + WiFi Enabled Gateway
  • Monitor All MFM Data
  • Read Up to 200 Parameters
  • Continuous & Fast Monitoring

NodeX IOT Dashboard

NodeX IOT Dashboard Software has following Features, which allows you to monitor all your IOT devices centrally .

  • Drag and Drop Widgets
  • Multi Tenant SAS Platform
  • Pay as you go
  • Scalable

What we do

At technode we design wireless devices based on GSM, WiFi & LoRa technology. We have developed an intelligent hardware + Software stack which allows us to achieve complex tasks related to networking.Our Devices are used for Monitoring and Data Logging purposes. We deal in different solutions majorly in

  • SMS Alert Devices
  • SMS Controlled Modems
  • IOT Gateways
  • Wireless Data Loggers
  • Remote Monitoring Solutions

Using our IOT Gateways You can easily Monitor your Flow meters, Energy Meters or any Modbus enabled Industrial equipment’s. Using our SMS alert devices, you can Monitor all your critical assets like Motors, Transformers, Machines etc. Our Remote Monitoring devices help you identify the critical issues or errors which are happening on site and helps you take corrective action immediately.


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